How We Started
For My City was inspired by a childhood dream of mine at becoming a fireman. Playing in the streets as a kid seeing a fire truck was like watching Superman fly by. I remember we use to keep track on who would get the most air horn blows lol. I didn't know much about fire fighting at the time but what I did know was that when the city was in need, fireman were the ones to call. Needless to say I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be the man wearing the cape. The one all the kids look up to as I did as a kid. Fast forward 20+ years, with multiple attempts I managed to be a part of the Superman crew. So now, when I am called for duty I am proud at the success I have had and being there for my city.
Representing The People
Through the people within the city we all provide various services to the city and/or for the city. You may be a school teacher, nurse, food truck owner or maybe even a school janitor to name a few. There is nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on someones face from the proud services we provide. For most of us, our city is the land of our birthplace and with that comes a sense of pride we will forever represent. We also create a culture that identifies our city. Being from Jacksonville, Florida as part of our culture we identify our city as Duuuuuvval (Duval is the correct name and is the major county in the city, but I''ll save that story for another day lol). With the same pride, love and energy I have to be there for my city I share with the people of the city through the brand For My City.
For My City
We are titling ourselves to be "The Brand For The City." Our goal from this is to be the creators of simple and classic apparel for the people of the city in celebration of our services, pride and culture that forms our city. The main color of this company is red as identified in the fire service and in honor of the ones we will never forget 9/11.



Always For My City

For My City was inspired by my childhood dream of becoming a fireman. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL as a kid I always thought what other way could I be there for my city than to join one of the best professions in the world. This brand more importantly includes the everyday people of the city.  From the services we provide a foundation is formed, that foundation is the city. I will always represent For My City.