The Representin' Tour

Once again For My City would like to thank you putting interest in this first but not last featured tour. The mission of this tour is to allow everyone and anyone to present or represent themselves as the unique individuals we are. There is no large scale or small scale to this. This tour represents a organic feature that is being provided to let everyone know who you are and what you are "Representin'". 

To be included in this tour the following must be present...

  • The purchase of any REPRESENTIN' apparel, no minimum
  • A short video approximately 30-60 second video of you REPRESENTIN' your self, including your city, social platform names, business ventures/supporting organizations if any, and a "About Me" (PG-13 please)

Once the above actions have been completed you can send your video to and your video will be managed in our marketing system, which will run a weekend ad from our social platform in your city featuring yours truly...YOU.

You can check out one of our first video

Representin' Tour collection

If you have any questions or inquires please feel free to contact us at

Thanks In Advance,

-For My City